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We don't become educators to become wealthy. But that doesn't mean we can't become wealthy being educators.

But securing financial freedom while building substantial wealth doesn’t come without hard work and dedication. This is exactly what veteran teacher Wally Wiser has been teaching interested individuals for years. As a new school year begins, Mr. Wiser finds he has five new, eager students who are ready to learn the not-so-secret tricks to build and accumulate wealth. Drawing upon financial principles that are decades old, Finding Gold in the Teachers’ Lounge helps individuals discover what changes they can make to find financial freedom. 

Join the crew of I. B. Earning Elementary as they navigate how to become debt free, start personal retirement accounts, learn more in depth information on their pensions and other retirement vehicles, and how they can use real estate as an investment tool. Many of the tactics are beyond simple, but that doesn’t mean it is beyond easy.  

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