We see products endorsed all the time by actors and athletes.  But why not have our educators endorsing products?  Check out some educators on Twitter and other social media.  They have built a large professional learning network, have a ton of followers, and many times a loyal fan base. 

In this inaugural episode of Anchored in Education, I present what I believe to be a compelling argument for why companies should be getting educators to endorse their products.

My Plea for an Endorsement Deal

When I began in teaching I had a decent pair of casual dress shoes.  The problem was that I was on my feet all day on floors that were far from cushioned.  So after my first year of teaching I decided I would switch to athletic shoes due to their added comfort.  Jennifer and I talked it over and we agreed that it was the best option, but they could only be worn to work.  After all, these were becoming work shoes.

My first pair of work shoes were Pumas.  They were awesome.  But I lived close to a Nike Outlet mall, so I was able to frequent that a lot more.  I had shoes to match every color polo I owned.  I was able to keep it professional while maintaining comfort.  That is important for an elementary teacher.

As indicated in the podcast, I wrote to Nike asking for a sponsorship.  Of course they said no, but I was thrilled to death they answered my letter.  I did not carry the tennis shoe tradition with me into administration.  Instead, I’m looking for an endorsement deal for suits.