Many things are out of our control, but one thing that remains is our ability to take our financial future by the horns.  In a previous episode, we discussed the Pension Tension many states are facing.  What if I told you though that there are ways we can begin building financial wealth that will be there for us when we retire?

In this episode, Dr. Zakry Standerfer joins us to again show why he is the retirement guru.  Many educators seek Dr. Standerfer’s knowledge and even implement many of his retirement strategies that are both easy and safe investment plans.  In Reinvent Your Retirement, Dr. Standerfer will share strategies you can use to accumulate substantial wealth for when you retire.  If the unthinkable happens and your pension collapses, you can still maintain a comfortable post-career retirement by taking a few simple steps today.

About Zak

Dr. Zakry Standerfer began thinking about retirement while still an undergrad.  He gained an understanding of how pensions worked and the benefits they could provide.  At the same time, he began to see pensions start a slow spiral towards under-funding so he began researching alternative retirement plans.  After graduating with his teaching degree from Eastern Illinois University, Zak began his career in education teaching 5th and 6th grade at Windsor Elementary School.  He then spent six years teaching junior high social studies at Pana Junior High before returning to Windsor Elementary School to serve as the elementary principal for four years.  For the past eleven years, Zak has worked for Eastern Illinois University as a Student Teaching Coordinator.  On July 1, 2019, Dr. Standerfer will begin serving as the Assistant Regional Superintendent for the Regional Office of Education #11.

Dr. Standerfer has received his Master’s and Specialist’s in Education from EIU, and his Ph.D. in Educational Leadership from Indiana State University.  His dissertation, The Illinois Teacher Pension Crisis Impact on Illinois Teacher Attrition has gained the attention of many.  Much of Dr. Standerfer’s research, findings, and implications are beginning to play out as the Illinois teacher pension crisis continues to grow.   When not exploring the implications of planning for one’s financial future, you can probably find Zak on a lake somewhere sailing, kayaking, or boat camping.  He resides in Sullivan, IL with his wife Amanda and children J.J., Wes, and Callie.  Follow on Twitter: @ZakryStanderfer

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