On the evening of April 30, 2019, Jonathan Carroll sat down at his computer and contemplated what his Facebook post would say.  He wanted to let the world know that he was stepping away from teaching after 20 years.  But it was more than just a post for attention, Jonathan listed clearly why he believes it is time for him to go.  In his opinion, teaching has “become a toxic profession.”  

So my guest this week on Anchored in Education is none other than Jonathan Carroll.  Jonathan talks more about why he feels it is time to leave the profession he once was so passionate about.  Sadly, too many great educators are stepping away from the profession due to many of the similar reasons Jonathan talks about.

It will be conversations such as these that will help educators, policy makers, and other education advocates better frame the problem with sure solutions that will help keep educators Anchored in Education.  

About Jonathan

Jonathan Carroll has been at teacher and administrator in Central Florida for the last 20 years.  He has a Bachelor of Arts in Social Science and a Master’s of Science in Education.  Jonathan has a passion of history and psychology and sharing that love with students.  Jonathan is retiring this year and will be pursuing a new career that has yet to be determined.  He is supported by his amazing wife Dana Carroll and his two children Lindsay and Noah.

Resources from this episode:

  • Jonathan made national news with his viral Facebook post.  You can read what Elise Solé wrote for Yahoo! Lifestyle and what Howard Cohen wrote for the Miami Herald.