Almost every school year has come to a close or is within the last week or so.  With that means that another successful year of junior high and high school sports are wrapping up as well.  School athletics are an integral part of the educational process, but sometimes we go too far with the emphasis you place on the contests.

My special guest this week is Brian “Weez” Turner, a long time sports reporter and newspaper editor.  Brian brings a unique perspective this week in that he has watched athletics for students evolve over his career.  We explore the pressures, successes, and defeats students experience in what is almost year-round sports.

About "Weez"

Brian “Weez” Turner has been with the Wayne County Press for 14 years.  During this time he has covered sports every year.  A little over a year ago he took over as the Editor.  Unfortunately for the Press, Brian will be leaving at the end of May.  Prior to this, Brian was the Managing Editor and sports reporter for the Clay County Advocate-Press.  He also spent seven years working at three different radio stations and even a television station.  For Brian, the trajectory of his life was greatly impacted by sports at a young age—so he views athletics as more than just wins and losses.  It is upon that thought that he has dedicated his career.  Brian resides in Fairfield, Illinois with his wife Sarah and a cat.  You can also find Brian on Twitter by following @weezel32

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