How often is it we complain about our weight, exercising, or dieting? Here’s what is odd though: We have no qualms about letting everyone around us know. Ate too much? Complain about it. Indulged in a sweet treat? Complain about it! Food and exercise is one of the few things we have no reservations when it comes to talking out loud about it.

But what about the students around you? What message are they hearing?  Even if you are sincere about what you’re saying, children may not understand this. Trust me, as I talk about in the beginning of this episode, I found out the hard way with my own children.

To help us better understand how powerful our words about food can be, I’ve invited Tracy Brown onto Anchored in Education. Tracy is a somatic nutrition therapist, a registered dietitian, and an attuned eating coach. Tracy shares her personal story of struggles with food and exercising to help us better understand how we should approach the topic with students.

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About Tracy

Tracy Brown, RD, LD/N  is a somatic nutrition therapist/dietitian, attuned eating coach and embodiment teacher.  She helps people come home to themselves through their bodies  by healing their relationship with food and weight as well as feel safer and less stressed in their bodies.  For 13 years she has guided people one on one and in groups in healing from disordered eating and chronic dieting, many of which also have other stress-related conditions at and

She also provides training and supervision to health professionals about the importance of trauma integrated non diet counseling at  and the up-coming Embodied Dietitian Counseling Skills Training Sept 4th, 2019.

Resources from this episode: