Julie Adams is back this week onĀ Anchored in Education for part 2 of #FullyCharged. Last week we spent time talking about meeting even the most basic of our students. We also went a step further and talked about meeting the needs of parents and staff as well. In essence, you can say we tended to our Maslow last week in order to prepare to Bloom this week.

Julie is back to talk about how we can Bloom our students, parents, and staff. But we’re not just giving you off the cuff ideas, #FullyCharged is full of research-backed strategies. Most importantly, Julie shares with us how we can inspire a culture where everyone understands, applies, analyzes, evaluates, and creates.

About Julie

Julie Adams is a Nationally Board Certified Teacher, Educator of the Year, and a highly-respected international consultant who has trained hundreds of thousands around the world in the science and strategies that skyrocket personal and professional success.

Mrs. Adams taught for 14 years in kindergarten-graduate school throughout California and she has nearly 20 years experience in the corporate sector as the Founder and CEO of Adams Educational Consulting, the Founder and CEO of MB Enterprise, and inventor and CEO of Sticky Shox.

She and her consulting team provide on-site and online training, and coach and mentoring to leaders in both the public and private sectors, educators, athletes, and parents.

She specializes in neuroscience, mental health and welness, system efficiency, digital and instructional leadership, positive culture, social-emotional learning, and best practices for literacy, critical thinking, and engagement.

Julie is a fierce advocate for education, job training, and health and wellness, and has developed curricula, trained educators and leaders, and increased educational opportunities in some of the most remote areas of the world. She partnered with Sue Enquist, UCLA Softball 11x National Champion and Hall of Fame Coach, to create ONE Softball’s Six Minutes to Excellence program for athletes, families, and coaches, and she advises state departments of education and universities on best practices for achievement and instructional design.

Organizations seek her training and coaching in Maslow and Bloom principles to maximize efficiency, resiliency, positivity, and productivity.

Her humor and expertise make her a popular Keynote speaker at conferences across the country and around the world including China, Indonesia, United Arab Emirates, South Korea, Hong Kong, Thailand, and Canada.

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