We’ve talked about time management in a recent episode. One thing we established is that we have only a finite amount of time. Regardless of how efficient or effective we may be, nothing changes the fact that we are all given the same 24 hours in a day.

Our guest today is Allison Rodman. You may remember her from an earlier episode of Anchored in Education when she was a guest talking about her amazing book Personalized Professional Learning. But Allison can also be found giving keynotes and workshops on how we can bend time and space in order to make room for teachers to be learners.

About Allison

Allison Rodman has been Anchored in Education in a wide-variety of roles throughout education.  She has served as a teacher, Director of Teaching and Learning, instructional coach, a high school social studies and alternative education teacher, assistant principal, and Director of Professional Development. Most recently, Allison has founded The Learning Loop, an educational consulting organization that provides professional learning services to districts, schools, and educational nonprofit organizations. The Learning Loop designs, facilitates, and coaches professional learning that is personal, purposeful, and paradigm-shifting. In case that isn’t enough, she also serves as the Vice-President to the Haddon Township School District in Haddon Township, New Jersey. Allison makes the goal of her work to support the whole child and whole educator to view learning as an ongoing experience and not an endpoint. This process includes learner voice, co-creation, social construction, and self-discovery. Allison received a B.A. from the University of Richmond and an MS.Ed from the University of Pennsylvania. She resides in Haddon Township, NJ with her husband, Doug, and three children, Cameron, Aislinn, and Lola.​ You can find Allie on Twitter: @thelearningloop

Resources from this episode:

  • Make sure to check out Allison’s website, The Learning Loop. You will not be sorry to see all she has to offer.
  • You need to have the book Personalized Professional Learning. It’s a must to see how outdated PD and be transformed to meaningful PL. Find it on Amazon or in the ASCD Store.