It is no secret that I am often critical of elected officials and the meddling they do in education. They often pitch their work as helpful to all, but it is more often than not just a small group in their region or district they are trying to appease. What happens is punishment for all.

Or let’s talk education funding. Of course I’m bias, but I believe education is the most important line item on any state budget. What do we most often see? Cuts. Cuts. And more cuts.

But I was on Twitter when today’s guest, Dr. Jennifer McCormick caught my attention. She holds the elected position of State of Indiana Superintendent of Public Instruction. What got my attention is that she was giving a hard time to legislators from both sides of the aisle as she stood up for what she knows is right for education.

Though I haven’t had much luck getting an elected official to join me on Anchored in Education, Jennifer immediately agreed. 

About Jennifer

Dr. Jennifer McCormick is Indiana’s forty-fourth State Superintendent of Public Instruction. A nationally-recognized educator and innovator, Dr. McCormick has served at every level of the K-12 education system. She has been a secondary special education and language arts teacher, elementary principal, assistant superintendent, and served as a district superintendent for seven and a half years. As Indiana’s education system leader, Dr. McCormick is an energetic and tireless advocate for children, dedicated to
improving educational outcomes. Dr. McCormick makes her home in Indianapolis with her husband, Trent, public school administrator. They have one son, Cael, who attends West
Point Military Academy