Educator burnout. It’s a real thing. There has been countless studies on burnout. There are a wide variety of books detailing burnout including why we should avoid burnout because we’re needed in this profession. Duh. 

If avoiding burnout was as easy as saying, Today I will choose not to get burned out, then we don’t really have a conversation on our hands. And a good bet would be that an educator already knows how valuable they are to students, so reading another book about being there for students and not letting stress burn us out isn’t going to help.

So why are we talking about the book The Burnout Cure today? Because it is not a book of fluff detailing why we need to stay. No, this is a book that author Chase Mielke wrote to help struggling educators understand how to leverage positive psychology to help find their way out of the dark areas we sometimes find ourselves.

Chase joins Anchored in Education today to talk more about his book. He shares with us where he was at during one point in his career and how he used some of the very things he wrote about to help he through the days. 

About Chase

Chase Mielke is an award-winning high school teacher, speaker, and author of “The Burnout Cure: Learning to Love Teaching Again.” A Michigan Teacher of the Year nominee, Chase is dedicated to teaching the science of purpose, perspective, and perseverance. His work has been featured on CNN, Greater Good Magazine, Educational Leadership, and Edutopia. When he’s not daydreaming about fresh dry erase markers and Barnes & Noble gift cards, he loves spending time with his beautiful wife and keeping his wild toddler from eating dog food and rocks. Find him on Twitter: @ChaseMielke

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