Prior to this episode there has been 52 brand new Anchored in Education episodes every Monday. What began as just solo episodes where I briefly shared thoughts and reflections quickly blossomed into an exciting and fresh look into a different area of education each week. And it would never have been possible without the amazing guests who agreed to join me.

Forty-five out of the 52 episodes in year one featured one or more guests with 10 guests joining me for multiple episodes. To help celebrate a complete year of Anchored in Education, I have decided to put together an anniversary episode featuring a little snippet from every guest who has joined us. Of course this is great for those who are new to the podcast, but I quickly realized as I was going through past shows that there is a lot of good content. I promise this episode will be worth the listen.

Thanks for joining me on this journey. I’m looking forward to what Year 2 will bring. We already have a good line-up of guests and continue to add more every week. Don’t forget to visit to find all the episodes with resources and links for every show. And don’t forget to subscribe to Anchored in Education on whatever platform you get your podcasts.