Good decision making is a skill that we all need. Selecting the profession in which we will be the happiest. Our car, our homes, even our diets. Decisions are all around us.

It is no different in education. Decisions are made daily that impact the finances, the curriculum, and every other moving part that make education work. Typically, we see the adults making the decisions.

But who are we here for? That’s right—students. Kristen Vogel, an educator from Canada, is also a co-developer of Guts vs. Heads, a decision-making tool designed to help students make better choices. She joins us today to talk about how powerful it is to empower students to make well-informed decisions.

About Kristen

Kristen Vogel is currently a Vice Principal in the Delta School District. She has her Masters of Education from Vancouver Island University. 

Before becoming a Vice Principal, Kristen had a variety of positions in elementary schools in Delta and English in high schools in Seattle, WA and San Diego, CA. She has also taught and lived internationally for several years.  Her passions include value-focused decision making and encouraging student to be curious and lifelong learners. 

Kristen enjoys the outdoors, a good laugh, and learning, especially about the teenage brain, being she has three delightful teenagers.

You can reach Kristen at or @kvogelvogel

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