If you’ve never been a part of a school action plan that lacked substance, then this episode is probably not for you. However, if you’ve been a part of, or better yet, you’ve created a vague school action plan, then this is YOUR episode. I have no reservations telling you that I’ve had vagueness in school action plans. Although if you would have asked me at the time, I would have told you it was as good as gold. But if we can be honest and take the blinders off, then we will see that we are more talk than action.

Thankfully, my guest today is Chris Briggs-Hale, and he, too, has created vague school action plans. More importantly, he recognized it and fixed it. Today Chris joins Anchored in Education to discuss his experienes and gives us tips on how to avoid similar mistakes. 

About Chris

Chris Briggs-Hale is the CEO of Waterfall Learning, LLC, and a certified Leadership Coach. He served public schools for 30 years, 15 of which were as a principal. Chris served as a Senior Consultant for McRel and Marzano and Associates, a site visitor for the National Schools of Character Award (Character.org), and was a Board Member with Eunice Kenney Shriver for the Community of Caring in Washington, DC. He is the recipient of the 2013 Red Cross Community Hero Award, the 2004 Sally K. Lenhardt Professional Leadership Award from Lesley University, and the 2004 Community of Caring National Administrator of the Year.