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We’ve all hear it before: students saying they aren’t good at something. We might especially hear them say they’re not good at writing or reading. Of course this is a problem, but it becomes more of your problem when you’re their teacher. You know you will never move the needle if you don’t get them out of the mindset that they can’t do something. Of course, identifying the problem is often easier than identifying the solution.

Thankfully, my guest today experienced this problem and then worked with her students to find a solution. Stephanie Farley was a middle school ELA teacher when she first took a look at her own practices and what she could change to help foster growth in her students. In this episode, Stephanie will share how mindset, positive emotions, and better assessment strategies led to tremendous growth of her students.

About Stephanie

A former English teacher and independent school administrator, Stephanie Farley is a writer and educational consultant working with schools and teachers on issues of curriculum, assessment, instruction, SEL, and building relationships. She has served as a member of California Association of Independent School accreditation teams and learned about competency-based assessment in her role as a site director for the Mastery Transcript Consortium.


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Fostering a Growth Mindset with Stephanie Farley