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Writing is something we have to do all the time regardless of what we do in life. I mean, writing a grocery list is technically writing. Writing a thoughtful message in a greeting card is writing. Yet, so many of us will be quick to say that we are not a writer. Why is that? Maybe something from our school experience has put a bad taste in our mouth? Quite possibly we have never learned the true power of writing, keeping instead our written creativity harnessed.

Writing is a part of my every day, no avoiding it. From writing episodes, to interview questions, to articles for publication, writing is a part of my life. And yet, I can find myself so frustrated so often. Thankfully, writer and educator Julie Bogart developed a program over 20 years ago that allow parents and children in a homeschool setting embrace the creativty that we are teeming with but sometime unsure of how to express it. 

Join us today as Julie talks more about the program and how we all, regardless of our school setting, can learn strategies to take our expression to the next level. 

About Julie

Julie Bogart is known for her common sense parenting and education advice. She’s the author of the beloved book, The Brave Learner, which has brought joy and freedom to countless home educators. Her new book, Raising Critical Thinkers, offers parents a lifeline in navigating the complex digital world our kids are confronting.

Julie’s also the creator of the award-winning, innovative online writing program called Brave Writer, now 22 years old, serving 191 countries. She home educated her five children who are globe-trotting adults. Today, Julie lives in Cincinnati, Ohio, and can be found sipping a cup of tea while planning her next visit to one of her lifelong-learning kids.



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