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We’ve all received bad news at some point in our lives. Or, what about this, have you ever been impacted by a physical ailment? Did you think it was the end of the world? I know it sounds dramatic but I can remember times when things happened to me that had me asking questions like why me.

Now, for a second, I want you to imagine that you’re an accomplished piano player.
You’ve taken lessons since you were five or six. It was an integral part of your life growing up, so much so you majored in it when you went to college. After college you took your incredible skill and talent with you into the classroom to impart knowledge. Then one night, an event would absolutely rock your world. You go from perfectly fine at night to waking up finding yourself in the hospital.

This is what happened to my guest today, Amy Effler. Amy is currently an elementary music teacher in Easton, MD and a doctoral student at UMES. She was in the first ever class I taught at UMES and she shared this incredible story. I hope you listened to last week’s episode with Jodie Eckleberry-Hunt, because this is a story of grit, growth, hope, and healing. I knew the minute she shared it that I wanted her to join me on the podcast. This story is beyond incredible. And she’s going to share with us today.

About Amy

Amy Effler is an elementary music teacher and theatre director in St. Michaels, MD. She graduated from Westminster College in New Wilmington, PA in 2010 with a bachelor of music college honors degree and from LaSalle University with a masters of education in 2016. She is currently working towards her doctorate from University of Maryland Eastern Shore. In addition, she teaches private piano and voice lessons from her home studio in Easton, MD.


Click here for the link to the article Amy shared with me on the history of left hand piano.

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Overcoming Tragedy with Amy Effler