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Making connections and fostering positive relationships has always been a cornerstone in education. Sometimes though we become near complacent in this area as we take advantage of routines and practices that have always just been there and worked. The pandemic brought the importance of prioritizing connections to the front and center.

Even after we’ve entered this sort of psuedo post-pandemic era, prioritizing connections remains more critical than ever. Thankfully, my guest today Dr. Michelle Hope, an assistant principal from Memphis, Tennessee has written and discussed extensively on how we can prioritize properly. Michelle offers important tips and simple strategies, many of which do not take more than a couple of second to accomplish, yet make a world of difference.

About Michelle

Dr. Michelle Hope is a National Board-Certified educator with extensive teaching, district-level coaching, and school leadership experience. She has a passion for public education, curriculum writing, teacher development, and school improvement planning, and considers the opportunity to work with teachers and students an honor. Michelle is currently serving as an assistant principal in a K-5 elementary school in Memphis, Tennessee.

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Prioritizing Connections with Michelle Hope