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Nothing can make or break a good lesson than student behavior. I can think of many times early on in my career where I gave too much attention to one area while neglecting the area of student engagement. This, at times, led to unfavorable consequences for my lessons as I had to navigate between disruptions and other disturbances to the classroom environment. 

Classroom management is something that has been discussed for decades. It is a critical component to finding success in the classroom that I find many bring unique approaches for how to find success in the classroom.

This is true for my guest today, Scott Ervin. He can be found all over the country working with educators as well as beginning to work with higher education institutions to help teach pre-service teachers the necessary skills to find success in their classrooms.

About Scott

Scott has spent over two decades working with kids. Most of his experience has been spent working with extremely difficult, at-risk, disturbed, abused, and neglected kids. As a full-time educator, he has worked exclusively with populations in extreme poverty. For the last 11 years of his teaching career, he requested that all of the most difficult kids in his grade be placed in his room as a teacher and in his building as a principal and superintendent. For the last 5 of those years, he has worked at the largest primary school in the United States and requested that all of the most difficult kids out of 400 third graders be placed on his class roster. In addition, students in other classrooms whose behavior made it impossible for others to learn in their assigned classrooms throughout the year were all moved to his room. Scott’s classroom always had the highest standards for behavior and was consistently the calmest in the school. Even with these tough kids, his academic results were excellent. One year, with a population that had a 95% poverty rate, 95% of his kids passed the Third Grade Reading Guarantee.

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Dealing with Challenging Behaviors with Scott Ervin