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Back in the fall of 2022 I received a message from Efraín Martínez asking if I would like to be a guest on his podcast, Wisdom and Productivity. I agreed under the condition that he would one day join me on Anchored in Education. And while today is that day, I wanted to give you a little background on why I was so excited to host Efraín. He has an incredible story. One that is riddled with ups and downs, wins and losses, happiness and tears.

In my research before putting together an episode, I found captivating articles by major news outlets that had Efraín as the focal point sharing candidly the struggles and successes that have helped define who he is as a person and a leader. I think many times we share similar stories but are afraid to share them for the fear of what others will think. 

And then there is the podcast he hosts, Wisdom and Productivity. A simple concept that approaches each episode in the same way and yet produces fresh content with each episode. I can learn so much from Wisdom and Productivity and the man behind the microphone, and it is my opinion, that you can too.

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