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Have you ever had a setback in life? I’m sure we all have. How did you handle it? Grin and bear it; trying hard next time? Or forging your way through using lies and deception so no one would know of your shortcomings? As crazy as it may seem, many resort the latter when faced with such a dilemma. Our guest today is Tracy Badua, author of This is Not A Personal Statement, a work of fiction that was inspired by actual events. Tracy’s book actually highlights a common problem when it comes to students facing pressures and stress in academics.

About Tracy

Tracy Badua is an award-winning Filipino American author of books about young people with sunny hearts in a sometimes stormy world. By day, she is an attorney who works in national housing policy and programs, and by night, she squeezes in writing, family time, and bites of her secret candy stash. She lives in San Diego, California, with her family.

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This Is Not A Personal Statement with Tracy Badua