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One day an email landed in my inbox recommending today’s guest. The email featured the book Moral Code, written by today’s guest Lois Melbourne and her husband Ross. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect as it is a sci-fi thriller that features the powerful implications of AI. Which, AI seems to dominating our headlines in such a way that soon we won’t be using the word sci-fi in front of the word thriller. 

But as I always do, in my research of Lois, I found out that she stays quite busy with several ventures in the areas of education and students. Today she is going to talk about how we can evolve as lifelong learners, the importance of career education, promoting women in STEM, and of course, Moral Code.

"I reserve the right to learn new things and change in response to those new learnings." -Lois Melbourne

About Lois

Lois is a former software CEO and entrepreneur. She has written her first novel, in collaboration with her business partner and husband, Ross.

She spent eighteen years translating the uses, power and benefits of software created by Ross and his team, helping corporations around the world. They are at it again, as she weaves the story around his technology visions. Together they built a global business. 

Lois is the published author of “STEM Club Goes Exploring” and “Kids Go To Work Day”, mostly sold to businesses for ‘Take Your Daughters and Sons to Work Day’.  She coaches kids and schools through the wonderment of career exploration. In her community activism, she works to make voting assessable and possible for more people. Working the polls during elections is also incredible people-watching experience.

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My Future Story with Lois Melbourne