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I truly cherish and value every guest. So when I have the opportunity to have a guest return, I am beyond thrilled. You might remember Peg from our earlier conversation when we talked about productive struggle and the power of saying not yet. Peg joins Anchored in Education again today to talk about how we can clear the path for developing learners while promoting essential literacy skills. In fact, that’s the name of her new book that was published just this month.

Clearing the Path for Developing Learners: Essential Literacy Skills to Support Achievement in Every Content Area is a book that came about after educators in Peg’s district began breaking down what essential literacy skills made their appears in standards, curriculum, and other areas. While I’ll let her talk more about these seven essential skills, I will say that Peg was recently a guest speaker for my Curriculum and Instructional Leadership course discussing these very skills. I think you will find a lot of applications in what Peg is discussing along with the usefulness her new book can provide districts.

About Peg

Peg Grafwallner, M.Ed., is an Instructional Coach/Reading Specialist at a large urban school in Milwaukee, WI. As an English teacher, at-risk educator, instructional coach and reading specialist, she has taught advanced English and developing readers. Currently, Peg collaborates with teachers to seamlessly embed literacy (reading, writing, speaking, and listening) into their discipline without disrupting the integrity of the content.  In addition, she models, coaches and assists teachers in creating comprehensive literacy lessons meant to enhance skill-building; in addition to providing instructional support to teachers district-wide. Peg is a blogger, author, and national presenter with articles appearing in ASCDExpress, ASCDInservice, Booksource Banter Blog, Edutopia, Exceptional Parent, Illinois Reading Journal, KQED in the Classroom, Literacy Daily, Literacy and NCTE, NCTE Village Voices and the Wisconsin State Reading Journal.

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Clearing the Path for Developing Learners with Peg Grafwallner