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I sometimes wonder if the 1991 hit song by Genesis “I Can’t Dance” was written for me. I mean, I was only eight, so maybe it would be cruel that they would direct such harsh words to a young and impressionable child. Okay, maybe it was written with me in mind. But it is nearly accurate in all ways. I can neither dance nor sing. And a recent stroll through downtown Chicago on my way from the orange line to Union Station proved I struggle with walking as a lack of awareness led me to step off the curb and fall straightway onto Adams Street. I can talk—most of the time—so there is that. 

But the lack of singing or dancing talent has never stopped me from creating parodies to popular songs to get students excited to come back to school. I created them as a first grade teacher, a principal, and a superintendent. I even created one during a summer in which I was uncertain where I would be in the fall. I just knew you couldn’t go wrong with a good back to school jam. That’s the power of telling a story with a video.

Which is pretty perfect since today’s guest specializes in video storytelling. John Azoni is the founder of Unveild which has the explicit intent of helping higher education institutions better tell their stories through video. And from personal experience, regardless of your position or level within education, you’re going to want to learn more with us today.

About John

John Azoni is a content creator and video producer working specifically with
colleges and universities to automate their video storytelling through student
testimonial subscriptions.

He believes that staying in front of your audience regularly, if not daily, is crucial
to getting results from your digital marketing efforts. And yet, it’s something that
so few colleges do well because they’re short on time, short on staff, and short
on resources to create a steady flow of engaging video content throughout the

His company, UNVEILD, solves this problem and helps higher ed marketing
leaders fill their content calendars with compelling stories and engaging
video content – every month, on autopilot, anywhere in the world, for a flat
monthly fee.

Find John on his website

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Video Storytelling with John Azoni