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Recently, I have had several guests on Anchored in Education who have written fictional literature. Even though most of the works of fiction have been geared towards children and young adults, I have not hesitated to feature these guests. I have several reasons for this, with one of those reasons being that sometimes we need to escape from our adult literature and be reminded that lessons come in many varieties. The second is that we often don’t realize the various things students are going through because we struggle to connect or understand.

Today’s guest recently published the book Might as Well Be Dead. It is a book that follows a main character who is thirteen and trying to navigate the trials of middle school, best friend problems, and even a budding romance. On top of that? He’s trying to get over his mom’s sudden decision to pick up and leave the family. In the process, he begins having hallucinations of a middle-aged Englishman who ultimately confesses he needs the young protagonist to deliver a message.

This book is filled with so much that can cause one to step back to reconsider what unknown trials a person may face. And we welcome author Mark Goldblatt to discuss it in more detail.

About Mark

Mark Goldblatt is a novelist, essayist, and theologian who teaches at Fashion Institute of Technology of the State University of New York. He is the author of three novels for young readers, TwerpFinding the Worm, and most recently Might As Well Be Dead, as well as many books for adults.

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Might As Well Be Dead with Mark Goldblatt