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I am fortunate to be in a position in which I receive many books sent to me a month. One such book I received earlier in the year was Made for Learning: How the Conditions of Learning Guide Teaching Decisions. The authors are Debra Crouch and Brian Cambourne. The way this dynamic author duo came to be is a great story by itself, one that we will actually hear a little about in just a few minutes. But more than that, Debra and Brian have put together a book that will allow us as educators to better leverage the teaching and learning process. 

There are eight conditions of learning that our authors have identified. Today, we are joined by Debra Crouch who will go into a more detail, not just on the conditions of learning but how they are intricately connected to one another.

About Debra

Debra Crouch is an independent literacy consultant, collaborating with districts and schools in designing professional learning opportunities to empower teachers, principals, and coaches as they envision instruction over time. As a classroom teacher, she initiated and led the development of meaning-based literacy practices in her own school district and has been a classroom teacher, coach, consultant, and author. She actively shares her thinking and practices through long-term professional learning opportunities with districts across the country serving children from diverse language and socioeconomic backgrounds. Debra is co-author with Brian Cambourne of Made for Learning: How the Conditions of Learning Guide Teaching Decisions (Richard C. Owen Publishers, 2020). At her website,, educators can view her video series of Shared and Guided Reading, demonstrating lessons with students over time.

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Made for Learning with Debra Crouch